Fun at WDW
Walt Disney World -- September 2008 -- Part 3
Taking it easy, no rush, and enjoying the day was our marching orders.
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We ended our visit to Animal Kingdom by watching a fantastic bird show -- complete with trained chickens,
parrots, eagles -- you name it, they performed.

Hopping back on a Disney bus (free transportation that links all the theme parks together), we headed back over
to EPCOT where we again had dinner reservations. Tonight's dinner would be at our most favorite restaurant at
Disney World called "San Angelo Inn" in the Mexican section of World Showcase.

As we wandered around the huge lake at EPCOT's World Showcase, sampling a few cool ones from the various
countries that have pavilions representing their country set up around the lake, we ran into a fantastic street
performance over by the French section.

A guy stacked chairs up on top of each other and climbed up on them. His balancing act and his interaction with the
crowd and "innocent bystanders" to assist him was fantastic.

Friday again found us exploring EPCOT and World Showcase. That afternoon, while in the Italian section, I got
"selected" from the crowd to "act" as Romeo in a hilarious street performance play called, "Romeo and Edna." The
lady who was also plucked out of the crowd to play Edna was a great sport and we had a ball doing the scenes under
the wise-cracking directorship of a very funny Disney "Italian street performer cast member."  

We ended this night with a great dinner at the "Les Chefs de Paris Restaurant" in the French section
of World Showcase.  

We spent all day Saturday back at EPCOT checking out all the things we had missed over the last several days.
We rode ( several times) the fantastic ride called "Soaring" -- you are in a hang glider device dangling in front of
an IMAX screen with a film showing that was taken from a helicopter flying all over California.  
The sensation is awesome.

We also enjoyed hearing and watching the "garbage can band" playing. These are a group of guys that wander
around in EPCOT and play garbage cans like a set of drums. It is fantastic and always draws a crowd.

We ended our great trip to Walt Disney World with a fantastic dinner at "Tutto Italia Ristorante" in the Italian
section of World Showcase and watching the great fireworks show over the lake.