Mike's Birthday
Walt Disney World -- April 2010 -- Part 2
We enjoyed going slow and seeing things that we had missed before.
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After a quick stop at the Florida Welcome Center, we were soon headed for WDW. Unusual sights along the way
helped pass the time.  Florida (State Transportation) plants wild flowers on the right-of-way next to the
Interstate and we passed many plantings of them -- all brightly colored and greeting us as we zoomed pass them.

We arrived at the Yacht Club Resort right at noon and were greeted with welcomed arms. The Resort knew of
our arrival and people were actually on hand to greet us, valet park the car, and escort us to our room.  We never
saw the Front Desk or had to do anything except go to our rooms, put our things up and 10 minutes later, I had
pushed D in her wheelchair over to EPCOT which is literally next door to the Yacht Club.

We went into EPCOT at the "International Gate" (boat taxis come here from all the resorts around the lake
where the Yacht Club is located) and went straight to the Rose & Crown Tavern in the British Section of World
Showcase and had "Fish and Chips" out on the terrace dinning area. Of course, a round of English "pints" were a
welcomed "hello" to World Showcase after our journey to get here.

The annual EPCOT Flower & Garden Show was in full swing and everywhere you looked was covered in absolutely
beautiful displays of flowers, shrubs, etc. All this area is normally very beautiful anyway (the Disney landscaping is
always 1st class) and the flower show just made it all seem even more beautiful and  enchanting.

After lunch (we invited a young couple from NC to join us at our table), we set out to do a "walk around" or should
I say, "drink around" the lake at World Showcase. Soon we passed Canada and headed for Mexico
and a few Margaritas. :-)