Mike's Birthday
Walt Disney World -- April 2010 -- Part 4
We enjoyed going slow and seeing things that we had missed before.
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We enjoyed the outdoor train setup at Germany while we sampled some "local refreshments." This train display is
"G" scale (very large) and the kids just love it. With all the town and farm scenes depicted and all of the lush
greenery and flowers surrounding all of it, it was a beautiful sight.

Soon we were at Italy and one of their street performers had just started his act. We have see him before and
he talks with his "whistle" and does all sorts of juggling tricks. What makes this performance so great is his
interaction with the young kids in the crowd. He gives them balls and lets them throw them to him and he catches
them in a big fishing net.

Of course he is making all sorts of faces at the kids and blowing his whistle and all in all, it is a funny and
entertaining show.  

After the show, we went on pass the American Pavilion and headed for Japan. We could hear the drummers
(ladies) already playing on several smaller drums and one HUGE drum.  These ladies are amazing, especially the
two that beat on the huge drum. Their sticks look like sawed off baseball bats and you could see the muscular
strength it took to wield them in fast repetitive strokes against the drums.  

After they finished their act, we ambled on towards France. We had dinner reservations that night at the Les
Chefs de France restaurant and I wanted to verify at the check-in podium that we were on the list. I had made
these reservations (this one tonight at France, Mexico for my birthday, and Italy for our last  night) 2 months ago
over the phone. All was in order.

Outside of the restaurant, two French street performers were just starting their crazy and comical climbing up
on stacked chairs, balancing act.