Mike's Birthday
Walt Disney World -- April 2010 -- Part 6
We enjoyed going slow and seeing things that we had missed before.
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After a fantastic meal at the French restaurant, we decided to head back to the Yacht Club and call it a night.
We both knew we'd never make it until 9 PM when the Illuminations Show started.

Strolling back to our room was great. The Yacht Club sits right next to the Beach Club Resort and between the
two of them, it is a beautiful sight right there on the edge of the lake. They sit across the lake from the
Boardwalk Resort which is huge and looks like it was lifted right off Atlantic City.   

Situated between our two resorts (Yacht & Club) is a huge outdoor swimming pool and water play area, complete
with sandy beaches. It is always packed with both kids and adults. On the lake side of the walkway around the
lake, is a huge sandy beach area that you can play on or lounge on but you can not swim in the lake. At night, they
have a movie screen set up on the beach and a fire pit area where they have marshmallow roasts. Out in front of
our hotel is a long pier with a lighthouse out on the end.
Close by is a marina where you can rent water sport stuff like small boats, etc.
All in all, it is a great area.

Back in our room, we really checked it out. It was huge and was decorated 100% in Disney/nautical details. Even
though our view was a "standard room view" (parking lot, grassy lawns, water pond, trees, etc.), it was great. It
even had a small deck with 2 chairs and a table.

We watched TV a while and called it a night early. The next morning, after we found the café in the hotel, we had
a quick breakfast and set out for Disney Hollywood Studios (used to be called MGM). We elected to walk so I
pushed D in her wheelchair and 15 minutes later, we arrived at our destination. The walk was great and we
enjoyed all the scenes and views along the way -- like close ups of the beautiful Swan and Dolphin Hotels near us.
These places are both beautiful and big (and expensive).

There is a boat we could have taken from the lighthouse in front of our hotel but I'd rather walk.