Mike's Birthday
Walt Disney World -- April 2010 -- Part 7
We enjoyed going slow and seeing things that we had missed before.
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As we approached Disney Studios after our walk over from the hotel, we knew it was going to be crowded today.
The pathway that we had been following alongside the lake goes up by the parking lot at the end and you come into
the Studios like you had arrive via a bus or your car. Even though we had left early and it was only about 10 AM,
the parking lot was jammed.

It took a while to get in because of all the people and if anyone has a bag, you have to go through "screening"
whereas a guard examines all of your stuff, including looking inside your fanny packs. Anyway, once inside, we were
immediately struck by the almost overwhelming level of noise. It was deafening -- thousands of people talking
loudly, laughing, screaming, shouting to others to get there attention, etc.

Once we got past the crunch of people who had not yet decided where they wanted to go, the noise level dropped
and we headed for the "Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular" show. This is one of our favorite shows to watch at
Disney. The amphitheater seating area is HUGE and the live action show lasts almost an hour.

Afterwards, we made use of our Dinning Plan "counter meals" and enjoyed huge hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch.
Rested up, we made our way past the Sci-Fi Theater (a fantastic place to eat -- you sit in convertible cars like
you are at a drive-in movie theater and you watch old horror film clips while you eat) and headed
for the Muppet Show.

After we got out of the show -- still funny no matter how many times you see the crazy 3-D movie -- we wandered
into the "New York" section, found a bench in the shade and sipped some cool ones while we watched all
the people scurrying about.