Mike's Birthday
Walt Disney World -- April 2010 -- Part 8
We enjoyed going slow and seeing things that we had missed before.
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After our break in New York, we started looking for a quiet place that we might sit so that D could take a nap. By
the time we got all the way over near the Tower of Terror ride, we realized that our search would be fruitless.

As luck would have it, we ended up (after our nap place search) at the entrance to the "Beauty and the Beast" live
stage show so we went inside and watched. If you are in a wheelchair, you have the option of seating up on the top
row of the amphitheater, or sitting down on the front two rows (after you wind your way down a LONG series of
switched back ramps) which we chose to do.

Anyway, the show was fantastic as always -- especially since we sat on the front row.  We then went back and rode
the "Great Movie Ride" and after we got out, the mid-day "Toy Story Parade" was just starting to go by. We
made our way to a front row viewing area and throughly enjoyed the colorful and live action parade go by.

After the parade was over, we decided to head back to EPCOT to see if we could ride "Soaring" -- probably one of
the best and certainly the most popular rides at Disney. You sit in "hand gliders" and while dangling in front of a
gigantic IMAX screen , you fly -- you soar all over different parts of California. With a slight breeze blowing in
your face and smells (like when you fly over an orange grove), the visual sensation
of soaring is almost overwhelming.

Alas, when we got back to EPCOT and went to "The Land" pavilion where Soaring is located, we saw that the
standby time to ride the ride was over 2 and a half hours and that all the Fast Pass tickets for later
times were already given out.  

All was not lost because "The Land" also has a fantastic boat ride that takes you through dioramas that show and
talk about the earth's varied landscapes and then you pop out into a truly amazing area where they are showcasing
new ways to grow foods. The various displays of lush vegetables, etc., makes you real hungry!
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