Mike's Birthday
Walt Disney World -- April 2010 -- Part 9
We enjoyed going slow and seeing things that we had missed before.
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No matter how many times I ride through the experimental garden section of "The Land," I am always amazed at
the variety of foods they have growing and how beautiful they look.  With some of the plants and vegetables
growing in unusual ways -- upside down, on pipes, strings, whatever -- they take on a whole new look.

Like I said earlier, by the time the boat ride is over, you are hungry.  A lot of the vegetables that are grown here
are actually used in the restaurant that is located in the pavilion.

After leaving The Land, we wandered over into the middle of EPCOT and walked through one of the huge flower
displays that they had set up -- "Pixie Hollow Fairy Garden -- complete with fairy topiary displays
and gorgeous flowers.