Mike's Birthday
Walt Disney World -- April 2010 -- Part 12
We enjoyed going slow and seeing things that we had missed before.
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We slowly made our way past the gorilla exhibits and then on out of the Safari Ride area. We next went to a new
show, "The Lion King," that is now on permanent display here at Animal Kingdom. The show takes place in a huge
circular type theater with stadium type seats set on the four main axis points of a circle with each section facing
one directly across from it and all facing the huge circular stage area in the middle of the floor.

Think cutting a pie into four equal pieces, then pulling each piece straight back until there was a huge
clear area in the middle of the pie plate. When you do this (pull back),  open spaces will also appear between the
sides that were cut. The more you pull back,  the wider these spaces become. The end result will form an equal
sided "plus sign" of open space with each pie section (seats) having a perfect view of all the action that
is going on in front of them.  

All the action is live with the performers either walking into the center from the sides, and/or riding on huge
movable sets that slide in towards the center of the stage area on a rail embedded in the floor.

The music, the costumes, the singers -- absolutely stunning and almost spell binding in the interaction with each
other and the audience. This performance of the Lion King is just as impressive and mystical as the
live stage presentation on Broadway (which we saw at the St. James Theater on a trip to NYC).

After the show was over, we left Animal Kingdom and took the Disney bus over to the Magic Kingdom. After being
dropped off at the Ticket and Transportation Center, we elected to take the Monorail over to
the Magic Kingdom itself.

It is so cool when the Monorail zooms in one side of the Contemporary Resort Hotel and out the other side before
it pulls up at Main Street at the Magic Kingdom.