Mike's Birthday
Walt Disney World -- April 2010 -- Part 14
We enjoyed going slow and seeing things that we had missed before.
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We thoroughly enjoyed watching the street play in the British Section. Whoever it was that they had picked out
of the crowd to play the king was fantastic -- he hammed it up to the hilt and the crowd loved it.

Since we had dinner reservations at “Tutto Italia”, the great restaurant in the Italian Section of World
Showcase at 6 PM, we headed there and enjoyed more of the beautiful flower displays along the way. We had a
fantastic authentic Italian meal with a great choice of wine to accompany it. Our waiter was fantastic and we had
fun kidding around with him.

After dinner, we made our way back around World Showcase -- going counter-clockwise this time. After going
back by Germany, we stopped for a while at the China Pavilion and watched a fantastic street performer show
with very young kids performing all sorts of balancing acts. They were fascinating to watch -- so much energy,
skill, and determination.

We finally settled into a place facing the lake near the entrance to World Showcase from the Concourse pavilion
area of EPCOT. We wanted to watch the “Illuminations Show” this night (we missed it the previous two nights)
and if you do not have a good place staked out at least an hour before show time (9 PM) you will not get to see the
fireworks very well. Oh, you could see the high over head stuff, but the view of all the fireworks displays that
take place near the surface of the lake would be obstructed.

We watched in absolute amazement one of the most spectacular fireworks shows put on for the public to watch.
What is truly amazing is that they do it every night. After the show was over, we sadly walked (me pushing D in
her wheelchair) back to our hotel knowing that we had to pack and get ready to head home. Sad yes, but at the
same time we both were happy with all the great memories that we had encountered and shared over the past
several days. I could get used to celebrating my birthday this way … : - )

Early the next morning, we said goodbye to the Yacht Club and hit the Florida Turnpike for the long ride home. We
stopped just a short while later at the Turkey Lake Service plaza and had breakfast and then really started our
trip home. Several hours later after we had merged back into I-75, traffic came to a grinding halt as I-75 was
shut down because of a terrible accident (someone drove a Jeep Wrangler up under a gasoline truck).

Anyway, after 2+ hours of moving along at 5 miles an hour, we finally broke free and zoomed over the Suwannee
River and then soon we slipped into Georgia.