Mike's Birthday
Walt Disney World -- April 2010 -- Part 15
We enjoyed going slow and seeing things that we had missed before.
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After crossing over the border back into Georgia, we both knew that we would stop at one of our favorite places
when we travel down to Florida.

At Exit 109 on I-75, you can go about 2 miles to the best pecan place/store in Georgia – the Ellis Brothers Pecan
Store. The setting for the place is picture perfect – a huge Pecan Tree orchard right next to the store, farm
equipment and house near by, cotton fields in full bloom across the road -- fantastic, peaceful, and beautiful.

Inside the store is to die for – more pecans for sale than you can shake at stick at. They have at least five
varieties of pecans to choose from and samples spread out everywhere for you to taste. Also, if it can be made
out of or with pecans (food, candy, etc.), they have it for sale.

We loaded up with goodies and once again hit the road. We still had a ways to go but we were all rested up and
satisfied with all the goodies we had already eaten. Unfortunately, other than the 5 pound bag of shelled pecans
that we bought, none of the other goodies (candies, etc.) that had we bought for others made it home.
It’s a shame … a crying same. :-)

We made it home safe and sound and another fantastic travel adventure had already become another
wonderful and fantastic memory.