Eastern Caribbean
Westerdam "Eastern Caribbean Cruise" -- 2006
Part 1 -- In port, river traffic, getting ready, and heading to Grand Turk...
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"And a good time was had by all."  This was our motto from start to finish and it served us well. We were cruising
on Holland America's "Westerdam" -- a beautiful ship out of Fort Lauderdale.
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Holland American Line logo
--Henry Hudson's ship, the Half
Moon, old sailing ship silhouette
against new modern ship.
Docked at the terminal in Fort
Lauderdale. "River" traffic
below was unbelievable.
Terminal area separated from
ocean by Intracoastal Waterway
and a State Park across from
the port terminal.
The Intracoastal Waterway
looked like a major highway --
"everybody" was out "cruising"
and showing off their boats.
Cruise ship head out to sea
from port.
Looks like an old sailing ship
going by out on the ocean.
Cruise ship, "Princess Grand"
-- still docked like us -- will
leave later today just like us.
Some sort of cargo ship tied up
near us.
New port "observation
tower" -- just like control
tower at an airport.
"Lido Deck" aft pool on our ship
-- the MS Westerdam -- Holland
American Line.
Some of "HALs" life boats
practicing maneuvers while we
are still tied up
These are the crew's lifeboats
(blow up types inside the round
Looking back over the covers
above the mid-ship Lido Deck
pool. Closed in bad weather.
"Boat cruiser" down on the
Intracoastal Waterway.
All sorts of boats out cruising
Check out this fancy boat...
We're talking money here ...
Lots of money...
Ooops -- here comes the Police
-- river, cruise terminal area
under constant surveillance.
More cruising ...
More money ...
Then there's writing in the
sky ... :-)
The boat parade continues for
as far as the eye can see.
Neat draw bridge near the
terminal area.
Only in America. Check out the
ingenuity -- pushing not 1, not 2,
but THREE pallets at once!
Deanna -- looking rested and ready
to "get going" on this cruise. We
were first passengers onboard.
Oh, yes ... "This Corona is
for me!"
"And me too!"
"And just where is MY bottle
of wine?"
Now we're talking!"
"D" at long range...
These are the Crawfords -- our
new friends from Tennessee.
Well --don't ask -- this lady wore
a crazy new hat/hair piece
every day.
Dolphin sculpture at Lido
Deck pool.
Now we're talking -- Bloody
Mary "mixing station" right by
our lounge chairs. :-)
Actually, it was really only this
close .. :-)
You know "who" already trying
one out!
"Oh yeah, not strong at all..."
"Sure ..." :-)
Golf "chipping" game at pool --
try to get balls into floating life
rings in pool.
Exciting play-by-play chip-shot
calling ... ZZZZZZZ