Eastern Caribbean
Westerdam "Eastern Caribbean Cruise" -- 2006
Part 2 -- Arrive Grand Turk, check out Margaritaville & take tour with "Michael"...
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Michael drove a weird looking touring truck -- a 4x4 with a canvas cover over the back that provided shade for
two long bench seats that faced each other. Oh yeah, weird -- the truck was painted like a huge Zebra! :-)
Hey, it's the guy from "Six Flags
Over Georgia" commercials!
One of several live bands that
performed at the Lido Deck Pool.
Lady singer was quite good....
Some island (Cay) in the
Bahamas on our way towards
Grand Turk.
Looking aft as were are
cruising right along at around
25 knots.
On the dock in Cockburn Town,
Grand Turk Island, an island in
the Turks and Caicos Islands.
What a pair in our 1st port in
the Caribbean.
Plaza in new cruise terminal
area recently built.
Duty-free shop at entrance to pier
where ship ties up. "Have to go"
though them to get on/off ship.
"D" ready to check out
"Grand Turk!"
"OK, let's do it -- time to see
some sights."
Grand Turk just happens to
have the largest "Jimmy
Buffett's Margaritaville" in the
whole world. There is a God.
The MS Westerdam -- resting
after our trip over from Fort
See how close "Margaritaville"
is to our ship?
Two "Parrot heads."
How's this for a "swim-up
bar?" -- all compliments of
Authentic Margaritaville visitor
number one.
Authentic Margaritaville visitor
number two.
Close up of swim-up bar.
Looking at Westerdam through
open deck like porch at
Beautiful, huh?
"No Deanna, he does not
understand your Southern
"This chair is meant for you."
Michael -- our driver and guide
for a 2 hour "wild ride" around
Grand Turk in a zebra styled
painted 4x4 Toyota truck!
Governor's Beach. About a half
mile away from the cruise
terminal area.
Looking back down the beach
towards the Westerdam.
The beach area the other way ...
towards town.
Honest to God 9-hole golf
course -- have to be
"invited" to play on.
Another view ... The course
looked like a neglected field in
an industrial park somewhere.
"Friendship 7" spacecraft ...
Dropped down into ocean very
near here, February, 1962.
Home of the Mayor of
Cockburn Town.
Street scene as we buzzed
through town.
Downtown Cockburn Town is
"On the Waterfront."
One of many controlled
waterways, flood canals that
they use to control the ocean
water into/out of the "salt
ponds" around town.
Looking behind us as we travel
though center of town.
What would a tourist town be
without horse-drawn carriages?
Getting ready to tour a historic
"prison" right in the middle of
"There's a likely bunch....!"
Grounds inside old prison were
beautiful -- like a garden.
Two story prison -- very small --
maybe 20 cells all together. All
criminals from throughout the
Turks and Caicos Islands were
brought here.