Eastern Caribbean
Westerdam "Eastern Caribbean Cruise" -- 2006
Part 3 -- Still touring with Michael & receiving his "medicine"...
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Michael's Medicine: 1 "great big" part of 150 proof "special rum" and 3 parts tropical fruit flavored punch.
Guaranteed to cure everything except dry cement.
Like I said, like a garden inside
the prison courtyard.
Check out this fancy cactus.
Serves them right -- they look
like the "criminal type."
Salt pond just 2 blocks behind
business district.
Michael -- spinning one of his
many "tales, songs, or jokes."
How's this for scenic views?
We were headed off road
towards a rock quarry.
Quarry (limestone) and yes, the
ride was getting rough but we
did not mind.
Never seen so many Jack asses
in my life. They were everywhere
-- wild on the island.
Baby -- hiding behind tiny bush.
The Mayor's gardener’s house. I
should be so lucky.
Inland lake -- access to ocean.
During storms, folks bring boats
from all around to store here.
Northern point of Grand Turk. These
folks from our cruise ship -- rented
scooters. Lighthouse in distance.
Bottom line -- TAKE NOTHING
from here.
Oh yes, Michael had broken out
his "medicine" and all were
enjoying the cure :-)
Lighthouse -- we are now about
8 miles from our cruise ship.
Pat, Laura, and John getting
their feet wet in the warm water.
Michael explaining to our group
about the coral found here on
the beach. White with dashes of
pink on it -- very beautiful.
Yes, Deanna, you have to get
BACK in the truck. Here, let ME
HOLD your drink for you :-)
And yes, the medicine was
working and we didn't care
ONE BIT that we were headed
back towards town following
the Police. :-))
Deanna. Beautiful smile -- no
pain, just relaxed and having a
good time. "Michael -- I NEED
the recipe for your medicine!"
"Pat -- I think we're having a
good time --even though this
road is dirt, bumpy, and full of
deep pot holes!"
Pat and Larry "agreeing" with
Deanna as they hold on for dear
Yes, my friends, the medicine
was working good by now --
over an hour into our wild ride.
We were zipping along the edge
of a salt pond -- in and out of the
water. No, we did NOT CARE :-)
Road leading up through dense
undergrowth towards highest
point of land on island.
No place to move to if another
vehicle comes our way.
John getting his camera ready
for our next stop.
Pat and Larry were from
Charleston, SC.
Headed towards highest point of
land -- looking Northeast to two
nearby Cays (Gibbs and Round).
Path to the top.
"D" did not make climb --
elected to wander over to
At the top, listening to Michael
talk about Grand Turk.
Westerdam on the horizon. Hope
our truck does not break down.
Same shot but with my
telephoto lens.
"D" on her way to beach.
Looking Southwest from our
high perch.
Looking back Northeast -- lots
of "nothing" in both directions.
Looking more torwards the
West -- airport is there.
Our group up on the high point -- I
am down on the beach with "D."