Eastern Caribbean
Westerdam "Eastern Caribbean Cruise" -- 2006
Part 4 -- End of tour, sampling cool ones at Margaritaville, and onto Tortola, BWI...
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With Michael's "medicine cooler" empty, our "wild" and great tour ended. Next, we totally checked out
Margaritaville, and once back onboard ship, set sail for Road Town, Tortola in the British West Indies.
Here's a happy hiker :-)
"DRATS! -- the medicine cabinet
is EMPTY!"
Our tour has ended. It was
fantastic. Michael sang, told
jokes, stories, and bounced us
all over the island while we
sipped home made medicine!
Plaza area at cruise terminal
area. Deserted -- everyone out
touring or over at Margaritaville.
Pretty terminal area -- brand
new and clean.
Fran -- desperately waiting on
our first Margarita.
"YO -- we need another
round, please!"
Ooops! Do you realize how BIG
these drinks are? :-)
Four VERY happy campers.
This Margaritaville has its own
beach, pool, cabanas -- the works.
Back onboard ship. Small cargo
ship coming into port.
Our life boats -- one being used
for practicing lowering into water.
Say good-bye to Margaritaville
-- headed for Road Town, Tortola!
Last look at Grand Turk
Cruise terminal.
Special drink table set up
around pool on aft Lido Deck.
Grand Turk -- "and a good time
was had by all."
Some of our life boats.
Folks chatting around two
of the three hot tubs at Lido
Deck, mid-ship.
Everyone just relaxing as we
steam away from Grand Turk.
Some of our flags flying in
the breeze.
"D" up in the Crow's Nest -- highest
observation point on the ship -- and
a GREAT bar with a killer "view."
Lounge area in Crow's Nest.
The bar itself in the Crow's Nest.
Bloody Mary -- excellent
mid-morning drink as we head
into Tortola in a short while.
Outer reaches of Tortola --
British West Indies.
Approaching Road Town, the
capital of Tortola.
Closer -- check out this home.
Here comes the pilot -- will not
be long now until we dock.
Small plane flying into local
The airport at Road Town -- we
will dock in a few minutes.
One of the marinas here in
Tortola. Lots of money here.
Two-masted catamaran headed
out to sea.
Another marina ...
Looking across our open
"covered pool" and seeing
beautiful homes on the hillside.
See what I mean -- m.o.n.e.y.!
Our pier at Road Town.
Tied up and looking down at
painted ship logos and names
on pier.
Another one ...
And one more -- facing the other
way on the other side of the pier.
Looking to the left of our pier.