Eastern Caribbean
Westerdam "Eastern Caribbean Cruise" -- 2006
Part 5 -- Road Town, Tortola, Swim with Dolphins, & on to St. Maarten...
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"The Encounter with the Dolphins" was a dream and then an experience of a lifetime for Deanna. Our one hour
in the water with our dolphin, Venus, was the absolute highlight of this cruise. To see us, you have to "see"
the DVD we have of the encounter.  Advice from two well worn travelers -- if you EVER get the chance to
do that -- interact physically with Dolphins -- do it!
Another catamaran moored out
in the bay.
Our room -- tiny, but OK -- no
Have to put my boots some
where :-) (no room under the
Our view to the outside world.
We gave up a Veranda room
with balcony to get this room
and a $700 shipboard credit.
Good trade.
No idea -- Our Cabin Steward
created a different "towel
animal" each night.
Ant eater???
Dog, I guess?
View out our cabin window.
Off ship in Road Town. Waiting
on our tour -- "Encounter with
the Dolphins."
Local steel band keeping all
entertained at the Pier Shelter
where all tours originated from.
All these guys belong to the
"Chumley Bears" -- gay group
on our ship (have to weigh over
200 lbs we were told). Annual
Halloween Cruise on HAL.
"D" with towel waiting on our
tour bus. Ended up going to
Dolphin place in Tour Leader's
private car.
At the Dolphin Encounter place.
Everyone had to wear life jacket.
Stood on platform in 4-ft deep
water an hour and touched, played
with Dolphin. Ours named Venus.
Leaving Dolphin place -- going
back to ship in open-air taxi.
Time-share condos up on the
British -- wrong side of the road
driving... :-)
Close encounter of the
"yellow kind."
Another marina through the
Lots of "not to nice scenes" as
we come back into Road Town.
Our ship way over across
the marina.
You guessed it ... a bar!
Another peek at the Westerdam.
One more...
Approaching downtown...
Crowded ... busy.
Government buildings for the
British West Indies.
Seems like there are a lot of
"asses" in this part of the
This is the local "market" set up
just outside of the fenced off
terminal area. Most goods made
"somewhere else!"
Forgot why I took her picture ...
shipmate walking back into
terminal area from town.
Everyone on taxi had to show
"Cruise Card" and photo id to
get back inside terminal area.
Westerdam -- our home away
from home. It is amazing how
soon we "attach" ourselves to
places. Felt good to see it again.
We are at St. Maarten & "D"
getting ready to enjoy a whole
day exploring one of our
favorite places -- Philipsburg,
St. Maarten.
We're eating breakfast up in the
Lido restaurant and looking out at
Philipsburg and Big Bay Harbor.
Two water taxis passing each
other. You can walk into town
(we did) or catch a water taxi to
the middle of town.
Sea Palace Hotel/time-share
condos. Investigation led us to
not want to stay there. Beautiful
structure on the beach front.
Busy pier -- Westerdam on the
right and Royal Caribbean
Cruise Line "Mariner of the
Seas" on the left.
Headed down the pier towards
the gates and our walk into
Looking back at the two ships
and "check station." D and I
sailed on the Mariner of the
Seas to this port on a "Crown &
Anchor Members Only" tour.
Beautiful spray of multi-colored
grasses next to sidewalk into
Check out the driveway this
guy is having to build for
his new house.
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