Eastern Caribbean
Westerdam "Eastern Caribbean Cruise" -- 2006
Part 6 -- Touring St. Maarten...  
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We love coming to St. Maarten and walking around in Philipsburg and it was wonderful as always.  The weather
was great (little on the warm side) but all in all we had a great day exploring lots of the shops along the
Promenade and Front Street.  After our tour, we relaxed back onboard -- getting ready for our next stop.
Sea Palace Hotel over on
the beach.
Local vendors right on beach
front -- lots of neat places like
this all along paved Promenade.
Oldest hotel in town (the
Pasanggrahan Royal Guest
House) and getting a brand new
outside deck -- neat!
This room has its own private
balcony. Going to have to stay
here one day.
Hotel has a great "front porch"
and an outside bar! This is
definitely an "I'm here, not going
anywhere" type hotel!
Westerdam almost hidden out
behind ships in local, close in
Another hotel right on the
beach front.
The "Promenade" or The Great
Bay beach boardwalk -- built in
2003. Totally changed "front row"
at the beach.
"D" enjoying one of the many
new restaurants/ outside bars
that were built after the
promenade was finished.
Colorful, huh? We loved this
place (Canadian couple moved
here, opened it up).
The St. Maarten Navy -- all in
one picture.
Talk about "new bars," etc.,
built after promenade finished --
check out NAME on top :-)
Beach side of the Holland
House Beach Hotel -- beautiful.
Only in St. Maarten -- Police
Department and restrooms in
same room :-)
Closer view of "Pink Palace" --
the Sea Palace Hotel at end of
Great views from balconies but
ratings on Internet are bad for
this place. :-(
Looking back to where we
started walking from -- to the
edge of hillside (after walking
down to there from where ship
was docked).
Front Street -- looking West
(Sea Palace is on Western
end of Front St.).
Typical "refreshment stand" --
one on just about every corner,
alleyway along Front St. Beer --
$2 :-)
Front Street -- looking East
(Pasanggrahan Hotel is on
Eastern end of Front St.).
Holland House Beach Hotel --
Front St. view.
Inside the open, airy lobby of
the Holland House. Great bar
(but expensive). $2 street beer
is $5 in here -- same bottle.
Looking (from beach side bar)
back across lobby of Holland
House to Front St.
Center of town along promenade.
Water taxis here at pier, and
Court House up one block behind
me on Front St.
Looking back up towards Court
House from pier area.
This street/plaza area between
Front St. and promenade very
"busy." Some "people" get
phone calls and 5 minutes later,
leave with "new friends."
Gee, another person getting
ready to meet a "new friend."
VERY busy place ...
Sitting on the left side of
restaurant and observing all the
"goings on" (past 2 pics) in the
street/plaza beside it was fun.
Great food/beer too!
Just left pier on water taxi --
headed back to ship. Beach
front at Philipsburg is beautiful.
Getting further away from
the beach.
Close up of another one of the
nice hotels -- just past the
Holland House Beach Hotel.
Halfway back to the Westerdam.
Back onboard ship and in the
hot tub. "This beer is for you!" :-)
Dave -- a friend we met from
And his wife, Laurie
Getting ready to set sail back
home -- headed towards Half
Moon Cay back in the Bahamas.
Lots of people still headed back
to the ships. Both ships leaving
"Our first love (Cruise ships)" --
Say goodbye to Philipsburg, St.
Maarten -- we'll be heading
West now -- towards home.
"Sail-away band" entertaining
the masses gathered around
the Lido pool.