Eastern Caribbean
Westerdam "Eastern Caribbean Cruise" -- 2006
Part 7 -- Half Moon Cay rained out & headed back home...
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Our voyage was rapidly coming to a close. We sailed through the night to Half Moon Cay only to be greeted by
rough seas, high winds, and rain. After one almost disastrous tender launching (ferry folks to/from shore),
the Captain called it quits, pulled anchor, and started back towards Ft. Lauderdale at about 6 knots.
We were now 8 hours "ahead" of schedule.
Turned out OK for us -- had been to Half Moon Cay before (this year in fact) and we had already elected to
stay onboard by the pool (covered now to keep rain out) and enjoy Pina Coladas, Bloody Marys, and a host
of other fine adult beverages.
Fran, Crawford, and D in deep
Probably wondering what
happened to all the bar waiters!
These folks (all of them) were
from Charleston, SC.
The group still looking for our
bar waiter ...
You'll have to ask "D" about
this lady -- my lips are sealed.
One of the "boats" entered into
the "Lido Deck Pool Boat
Building" contest. Only two
were made :-(
Even had the "aft Lido deck
bar" depicted! Got my vote!
The other entry ...
Her "captain!"
Had to be able to stay afloat
in "rough seas!" Both ships
won 1st prize.
Boat building entry getting float
test. Each boat had to stay
afloat after 6 full cans of Coke
were "added" as cargo.
Riding high in rough seas --
came though the storm with
flying colors.
Approaching Half Moon Cay.
Unfortunately, the rainbow didn't
bring much luck to lots of folks
who were all set for a day "on
the beach."
First tender trying to get lined
up with us so as to take on
Half Moon Cay, lots of rain, and
high winds (almost 45 knots at
Looks beautiful (and it is). This
is a private island -- owned by
Holland America Lines.
Crews struggling to get tender
in position.
Very heavy gangway being
First tender away -- headed for
dock inside protected waterway
cut through solid rock on
island. All called back 15
minutes later -- and we left.
Underway -- leaving Half Moon
Cay. Winds and seas were
getting really rough now.
This is "supposedly" where the
term "flying colors" came from.
Check out the rough surf
(normal about a 6-inch high
wave here).
"Roll, tide roll...." The surf was
awesome beating up on the
lonely beach.
The Captain made the right
decision to cancel our "port of
call" here.
The decks were lined with
people watching the high surf
hit Half Moon Cay.
It looks so beautiful and lonely
at the same time.
Big waves hitting shore now ...
Close up of previous picture's
"wave." Best guess -- waves
blowing up 30-40 feet into the air!
Notice the "action" onboard
ship -- our own "waves."
Water in pool getting lots of
Dave and Laurie kicking back...
Sharing jokes ... :-)
200+ pound block of ice --
getting ready for an ice
carving demonstration.
The "family."
More water action in the pool.
Also, I "wonder what the lady
across the way is reading?"
Ah Ha! -- Clive Clussler -- my
favorite author.
The "family."
Ice chips are flying everywhere
-- amazing how FAST they carve
their creations.
Little bit here....
I helped make this bar server's
day -- ordered lots of "adult
beverages." :-)