Eastern Caribbean
Westerdam "Eastern Caribbean Cruise" -- 2006
Part 8 -- Ice carvings done, rough seas, and headed back to Fort Lauderdale and home.
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Well, this was a great cruise, especially since it was almost free. As my first cousin "Hump" would say,
"And a good time was had by all!"
And a little bit there....
Talk about a camera! Check out
this guy's "contraption."
The "family."
Crawford and group trying to
figure out what the "ice carver"
is carving.
Let's see ... it's a ... No, it's a ...
NO ... I give up!
Saw a little bit here ...
And a little bit here ...
Make all the pointy things...
TA Daaaa! -- Eagle -- beautiful.
They hauled this off, put in
freezer, displayed later in
dining rooms.
On the other end of the pool
area, another ice carver carved
this fish.
Water in pool really getting rough.
Going to be a "rocky" evening as
we sail through the storm and
reach Ft. Lauderdale at 7 AM
See what I mean? It's "ROCK
and ROLL" time. Some people
did not find this "saying" funny
at all.
Bow waves viewed from
our room.
"Rocking and a Rolling all night long
... tweet tweet ..." :-) We sailed into
the night & our journey ended at sun
up. And a good time was had by all!