Fun at WDW
September 2008 Fun at Walt Disney World -- Parts 1-4
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This was a great getaway for Deanna and I. Most of the times, we drive down to Orlando to visit Walt Disney
World or Universal Studios.  However, this time we did the "Mickey Express" thing from start to finish.  We
flew down early Tuesday and once our bags were checked at the Airport in Atlanta, we were free.

The Mickey Express bus picked us up at the Orlando airport and took us straight to our resort hotel, Caribbean
Beach, right there on Walt Disney property. Not having to worry about our luggage was wonderful -- we were
told  that it would show up in our rooms later in the day. We checked in, got our Park Hopper tickets, put our
airplane carry-on bags in storage, and hopped on a Disney bus to go visit MGM Studios first.

What can I say? We had fun playing at Walt Disney World. We were on our own -- it was wonderful.
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Taking it easy, no rush, and enjoying the day was our marching orders.