Mike's Birthday
April 2010 Mike's Birthday at Walt Disney World -- Parts 1-17
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Part 1
Headed South -- first stop Valdosta, GA for the night then slipping into Florida...
Part 2
Onto Disney World, the Yacht Club Resort Hotel, and lunch at EPCOT's World Showcase...
Part 3
Flower Show displays, Mexico, Norway, China and on around World Showcase Lake...
Part 4
Germany, Italy, and Italian and French street performer shows...
Part 5
France, topiary displays, "Off Kilter," and Les Chefs de France for dinner...
Part 6
Back to Yacht Club, checking out room, and walking to Disney Studios the next morning...
Part 7
Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular Show and wandering around in NYC...
Part 8
Beauty & The Beast, Toy Story parade, back to EPCOT and boat ride at "The Land"...
Part 9
More of The Land's greenhouse and then walk through Fairy Land flower display...
Part 10
Mexico for my birthday dinner, then off to Animal Kingdom and Safari Ride the next day...
Part 11
Still bouncing along on the Kilimanjaro Safari Ride...
Part 12
More safari, the "Lion King Show," and then monorail ride back over at the Magic Kingdom...
Part 13
Magic Kingdom, huge crowds, then back to EPCOT and "King Arthur & The Holy Grail"...
Part 14
King Arthur, Tutto Italia for dinner, China acrobats, Illuminations show, and headed home...
Part 15
Slipping back into Georgia and then stop at Ellis Brothers before getting home...
Part 16
Select videos to capture some of the fun and action that we saw and experienced..
Part 17
More great videos to enjoy...
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I love having so many options for having different places to be visiting while observing my birthday. In the last
few years, I have celebrated getting "older" in Portsmouth England, Savannah GA, Paris France, and Walt Disney
World. As someone said so observantly, "If it gets any better than this, please let me know!"

This year was no exception and Deanna and I headed down to Orlando to visit "Mickey" for my birthday. We
stayed on Disney property at the beautiful (and large) Yacht Club Resort right there by EPCOT. When I say
large, I mean I thought I was going to have to use my GPS unit to find our way back to our room.

Anyway, our three days were fun filled, relaxed, and memorable as always. On the next several pages (17), enjoy
some of the pictures and videos I took to try and capture the adventure.
We enjoyed going slow and seeing things that we had missed before.
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