On The Beach
Playing on the beach -- fishing, racing cars, digging holes...
Just ask Matthew if he is happy about
catching  his first fish at Edisto this year!
"When am I going to catch
me one, Granddaddy?"

    "Soon, I promise."
Garret still loves to dig on the beach.

    "Granddaddy ... look at my Porcupine shark!"
Justice thought that if he dug fast
enough, he'd finish before the tide came

    "Justice ... you're not going to finish in

    "Why not?"

    "Just trust me."
Never too young to race cars on the beach.

    "OK, Jacob, turn left, left ... your other left ... that's it ... now hit the gas and
    make it come back to us!"
As Eric went racing across the shallow
waters on the incoming tide and jumped on
his skim board, the last thing all the other
kids heard was:

    "Hey, guys -- watch this!"

    "Show off" ... :-)
"Lee ... you have ah, you have ... oh,
you've changed since you were
here last!"
Sophie giving Madelyn final
instructions on how to stay on
the board when the waves
come in.
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