Sand Castles
"I build not for the future but for the rising tide.  I follow no plan but the spirit of my
imagination.  For just like the magical rhythm of the tides, my imagination constantly ebbs and
flows -- creating something new every second."    Mike Bailey, 1990
"Eye of the Storm"©

    Beautiful, yet simple. When the tide comes, it
    rushes around and around
    the cone.

    Size: @ 20' x 40'
"Mayan Sacrificial Temple"©

    Complete with sacrificial temple on top!

    Size: @ 25' x 30'
"Viva Las Vegas"©

    The strip -- The Luxor, The  Excalibar, New York,
    New York, Caesars Palace,
    The Mirage, Treasure
    Island, Harrahs, Paris, The
    Venetian, and MGM Grand!

    Size: @ 10' x 30'
"Klingon Battle Cruiser"©

    Complete with stealth plating and shields!

    Size: @ 20' x 40'

    Note: This particular Sand Castle is
    General Kagar's Flagship
"Edisto Compass and Sun Dial"©

    Sometimes, other ideas pop into your mind like "what time is it?"

    By the way, it's 3pm.

    Size: @ 40' circle

    Pat made this guy -- the kids loved it.

    Size: @ 8' x 15'
"Hoover Dam"

    Pat and I jointly dug this creation -- an accurate scale model within
    a 1/4 of an inch! -- right Pat?

    Size: @ 15' x 25'

    She holds the incoming tide  -- for a moment...
Waiting -- the tide will come.
The rising tide has arrived
-- once grand structures
are returned to the sea...
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