Sand & Surf
"The beach -- what a wonderful front yard for the Compound.  With each falling tide, the beach
provides a chance to start fresh and clean -- whether to play on, to dig up, or to search for new
treasure deposited gently on the sand."
 Mike Bailey, 1985
See what I mean?

    Clean -- ready for the imagination.
Looking for  treasures -- sharks' teeth,
gold doubloons, sea glass, or old pieces
of pottery.
Since they pumped new sand up
onto the beach (early 2006), the
old "groins" are just about all
covered up.
Sometimes, you just dig.  

    You never know what you'll find or end up
    with -- sharks' teeth, buried treasure, or
    maybe just a Sand Castle -- doesn't matter.

    "Granddaddy, can I play inside the castle
    now!"   Garrett Bailey, 2000
"Surfs up!"

    Even when things get rough, the magic is still there -- the pounding
    noise, the salt spray, the awesome
    power of the waves -- I am humbled
    by the majesty of the ocean.
"The Next Generation"

    Here on the quiet sands of Edisto, the castle builders of tomorrow
    learn the secrets.
The teaching continues --
Michael giving Garrett a
few pointers.
Teaching the next generation about just
"digging holes on the beach..."

    Every hole dug is perfect -- there are no
    bad ones.
"Did he say pack then cut,
or cut and pack....?"
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