Special Day
"And a good time was had by all........"  Bill Humphries, 2000
Time to go....

    Like Hump said ... "If it gets any
    better than this,
    let me know!"
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A gorgeous, new, Edisto
day begins....

    Today, August 11, 2000
    was one of those very
    special days....
The weather was perfect -- warm
and clear skies.

    "... And they came from the
"... And they came from the left...."
The "official Edisto
Beach Snake Patrol"
was on duty all day
to make the beach
safe for all!
There was swimming, car
racing, and I don't know
what all.....
Why, there was even time
to pass along "secret
tricks" to the kids .
And the cry went out....

    "Make the Compound safe from the oncoming tide."
And when the moon came out ...

    "There was dancing...."
"... And there was singing!"

    What a day ... what a day.
Note: Not one
snake was sighted
all day!
    "Listen, daughter, this is
    what to do when you loose
    your bottle opener!"
Getting late -- been a long,
wonderful, beautiful day.

    But the best was yet to come.