Swim Call
"I wouldn't put one toe in that ocean -- something sure as heck would bite it"  
Alma Bailey, 1980
The clan at the water's edge and beyond.
Nothing changes -- it's
2005 and still can't
keep'em out of the water...
"Go Jake, Go!"
Two more pros in action --
Martyn and Lee -- 2006.
Life guards with beer cans?
"Eat your heart out Cindy

    Ashley Crawford, 2000
Life Guards for the future!
"I say, what might they be up to ov'r there?..."         Martyn Wilby, 2000
This is a first -- both Pat and
Rosie are going to catch the
same wave ... "You GO guys!"
Talk about getting "flipped off!"
"Art ... is it really going to
hit us hard?"

    "OH Yeah!"
"This is just like being in a HOT TUB!"

    Sophie Creamer, 2006
"Go ahead wave ... show
me what you've got!"

    Lee Creamer, 2006
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