"Visitors are always welcomed at the Compound."
<< Swim Call                                                                             Special Day >>
"Hey guys [to other flies in the
area], over here, over here!  I
do believe I've found Eddie's

    Elwood P. Fly, 2001
"Go ahead ... clap your hands" :-)

    Wrong Way Clarence,  Pelican, 2003
"Hey! Hey!  You up there!  How about
something to eat?"

    Horatio Mahoney,  Hermit Crab, 1991
"What are we -- chopped liver? --
throw some more chips our way!"

    Edisto Joe, Sea Gull, 1995
Remember Horatio above?  

    Bit the "lawyer."

    Chuck might dig but he ain't never going to find him.  
"Did you dig that there hole?"

    The sand castles always bring the
    visitors, and the "questions."
Shrimp boats are coming --
always a welcomed sight.
"The Lost and Found Tree"

    Visitors no less -- all the things that "came our way" with the rising tide.

    Dutifully placed by H.R.A. for
Notice fly on foot---->
Talk about visitor! -- WOW!

    "Lady Wilby" and the dance of the 7 veils...

    "We're not looking, are we
    guys? -- we are, er, ah,
    we're looking at Martyn way
    down the beach -- yes, that
    right, isn't it Hump? Pat?
    Chuck? Bob? Michael?" :-)