Baby Sitting
"Baby sitting is easy -- if you are an expert at jungle warfare, an accomplished juggler, a cook of
unlimited recipes for jelly sandwiches, an expert at interpersonal relationships and their affect
on the human race, and most of all, a good judge, jury, and executor of "sentences" once rendered
after all the facts have been heard!"     Ashley Bailey, 2000
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"Ride'm Cowboy!"

    Debbie entertaining Madelyn and Matthew.
"Lee, let me show you the finer
points of playing this game -- I
promise I'll give the controller
back to you ...."
Not sure who's  babysitting who
here -- Sandy made just as many
wet-drip castle as the kids!
"Mama, how long do I
HAVE to watch the boys
play cards?"
"No, the husk goes in the
trash and the corn goes on
the table!"
"Boys, let me tell you
another true story about
being an airline pilot."
"It's true Madelyn, I swear --
would your Uncle Michael make
up something just to get you
to go get him a Coke?"
It is amazing how well food
works as a "baby sitter." :-)
"Jake, we're not r-e-a-l-l-
y bothering you are we?"