The Wedding
"My prayer is that each day of their new lives together will be like the beach after high tide has
come -- full of new wonders to explore and enjoy."  Mike Bailey, 2003
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Everybody is all ready to
march down to the beach...
The flower girls -- laying down a path of
beautiful petals for the bride to follow.
The ring bearers --
each tightly holding
on to their precious
Yeah!  Here comes the Bride
-- escorted by her future
"We shall gather on the beach..."
"With this ring...."
"Mr. & Mrs. Bailey"

    Michael and Elyse
"Everyone pick out a shell."  

    Each shell was engraved with:

    Michael & Elyse
"Everybody -- throw the shells in to the ocean.  Let
the ripples from their splash travel on the oceans
forever -- their endless rings mingling together
just like the ripples our lives will make each day as
we go forward in marriage".
Both feet planted firmly in
the sands of Edisto -- what
a way to start off the union!
The family...
The food... :-)
"Did you see that?"

    "Mom, Dad -- help me out here..."
    "No way -- about time you get payback."
Heading on out.... :-)
"So long, good bye, happy
trails to you, shake a leg, have
fun, be careful, take your pill,
adiós, Auf Wiedersehen,
arrivederci, au revoir, αντίο,
vaarwel, goodbye--"