This and That
"Chuck, Chuck, Wake up -- I know it's 4 a.m. but do you know where the vacuum cleaner bags are
?    Kim "Hump" Ervin, 2000
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The Queen, H.R.A., -- Deanna,
holding court.

    Notice Martyn, a.k.a. Mr. Stress
    Free,  -- sound asleep --
    complete with holding beer can
    and fixed grin!
Awful lot of grinning going on
here.  I suspect that the ole Gin
Bucket is not too far away!
Sabra and Mike with 1st
cousin Charlie Bailey and his
family -- wife Terry, and
children Sarah and Lauren.

    "Welcome to the family!"
Storm and Charlie  -- our
"first time we've ever met
1st cousin."  
"Please, please ... can I  have just one

    "No Eric. You have to be 21 ... not 12."

    "But I've got BOTH numbers!"
Casey and Meegan working
on a few "adult beverages."

    "OK ... which one is mine?"
"Cameras are everywhere!"
"Martyn -- we'll just stand
here and act cool -- we'll
act like we don't even
notice those bikinis."
"And I also want to order
10 of your best vacuum
cleaner bags"