Stress Relief
"Well, I think it's about nap thirty -- see ya!"      Pat Dickerson, 1997
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Bill Hump to Pat -- "87 in that

    "Bull -- there's only 86 -- let's see,
    there's 1, 2, -- 3, ....... 4 .........zzz"
Mr. Stress Free, a.k.a.
Martyn, demonstrating the
proper way to avoid over
Thanks for the tips Martyn........"

    "If I nap right here, no one will see me..."
    Michael Bailey, 2000
Newly appointed "Mr. Assistant
Stress Free Manager."  

    It took Mark about 9 seconds
    to pick up on Martyn's
    instructions about how to
    properly nap under the big top!
The "Queen," H.R.A., ....Deanna, showing
how to properly relax -- cooler full of
beer, "raised" throne, I mean, lounge
chair, good book -- What can I say?