The Deck
"...The deck, the deck, everybody is out on the deck!"    James Gregory, 1986
Here is the famous "deck" on the
Stokes house.  Great for watching
time go by, star gazing, singing, or
quiet conversations about just about
As I speak --
already filling up
with "this bud is
for you!"
The "view" from the deck -- our
bridge on the good ship "Edisto!"

    Surfs up, Compound is up --
    "let's hit the beach!"
Early morning coffee -- the
only way to start the day
off right!
Song Fest 2005 -- three
guitars and bongos! Let me
know if it gets any better
than this!
Getting Ready for "Song Fest 2000!"

    Now. Where's the Gin Bucket?
All kinds of things could be said here, such
as, the "guys" were snoring too loudly --
"we" could not sleep in side.....  I suspect
though, that they were just trying to be
"one" with nature and wanted to enjoy the
evening breezes.
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