"If the cooks are happy, everybody is happy!"  Everybody, 2000
<< Dig In                                                                                Gin Bucket >>
Chef Storm and Chef Sandy --
dumping the Frogmore Stew!
"A watched pot never boils..."

    Jamie and Martyn have got a bead on these two pots. I suspect though, that
    they might be "under the influence...."
"The Four Musketeers"

    One for all, all for one -- what the heck, where's the gin bucket?
Chef Debbie!

    Talk about organized -- take a look at the bacon.  Raw on the left, followed by
    lightly crisp in the middle, and burnt on
    the right!
"Lord Wilby" -- when informed that he had
been awarded H.R.A.'s coveted "Dedicated
Frogmore Stew Day Helper Award."

    The citation reads:

    "Whilst endeavoring to help H.R.A. year
    after year without ever once complaining or
    shirking his duties, Lord Wilby has
    performed ALL duties, tasks, and other
    works assignments (clean pots, etc.) with
    unwavering skill and determination."
    Given this day, July 31, 2005, H.R.A.
Hump teaching the boys the fine art of

    Notice Chuck trying to sneak in and get the
    1st items off the grill!
"Attack of the killer claw!"

    Talk about a couple of happy cooks!  
The look of innocence and

    "Now let me see if I've got this
    straight.  You guys are cooks too?"
    Pat Dickerson, 2000