Dig In
"They that hesitate, starve -- dig in!"  Deanna Bailey, H.R.A, 2000
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What a day, what a day --
served 47 today.

    Hats off to ALL the cooks
    -- job well done!
"Dump it right here!

    Frogmore Stew -- food for the Gods :-)What is amazing is that after about one
    hour, this table only has a couple of items
    left on it!
Garrett at an early age
learning the finer points of
eating crab legs!
Overheard out on the porch where the HEAD cook is supervising the preparations for cooking
all the 2005 Frogmore Stew...

    Ransom Cooper: "Let's see now, do we put all those big crab legs in the pots first, or do we
    put all those tiny shrimp in there first?"  H.R.A: "You're asking me?"
Storm brings out the Frogmore Stew!

    "Where do I dump this?"