"It ain't over til it's over and I want to thank you for making this day necessary"
Yogi Berra, 1947
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How's this for table decorations -
light houses and all for "Italian Night
at Edisto 2005"?

    p.s. We were threatened under penalty
    of severe pain if we "lit" any of Judy's
    special candles. The wine helped ease
    the pain of temptation... :-)
Elegance, pure elegance!

    Those that missed this breakfast, by chefs Sabra
    and Michael, missed a treat
    -- both visually and
Sometimes, we enjoy a good pizza
down on the beach when the
afternoon starts to cool off.
Then again, an evening meal
with wine is great ... as
shown by some who have
already started! :-)
Noonday meals on the beach are great
also ... you never know "who" might
show up.

    Looks like Art's "Almost Famous Coney
    Island Hot Dogs" are going to be a hit.
See what I mean about
showing up on  the beach?

    None other than "Tow
    Mater" and his sandwich
Off Beach Dinning...

    Then, there are the days we sneak off the island and head
    for "Red's" over on Shem
    Creek in Mount Pleasant.

    The food  (and beer) is always
    good and the views of all the
    marina activities are great.