Gin Bucket
    gin \'jin\ n  1 a: an alcoholic liquor made by distilling a mash of grain with juniper berries.
    bucket \'buk•et\ n  1 a: typically round vessel for holding liquids.
    gin bucket n  1 : equalizer of epic proportions -- eventually puts everyone on the same level -- prone with a hangover!
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"You'al going like this --
ain't gonna hurt one bit.
Just ask Debbie -- Debbie,
Debbie, wake up!  No
matter, I'm sure she'd
give a royal wave of
approval if she could move.

Anyway, once this old
bucket starts round, ya
can't put her down until
it's all gone."

Jake Greene, 1999
If there ever was a smile
to make you "drop your
shields" and throw caution
to the wind, you're looking
at it....
Does this make it official or what?
"The Official Recipe"

    Hear Ye!, Hear Ye!

    By command of the Queen, a.k.a. H.R.A. (Her Royal A.. and we
    know who that is), the recipe is
    hereby posted.

    Use with caution -- H.R.A. and
    the Royal Mixer do forthwith
    and firmly disavow any and all
    claims of misuse.
Nothing like the "bucket" to
quench the thirst!

    Check out Pam! -- missing the
    bucket can ruin your day!  

    However, see what miracles, I say miracles, the bucket can produce
    when it "hath touched thy lips?"

    Praise the  Lord!
On the other hand, as Kim so graciously
demonstrates -- see what the bucket can do
when it's sucked down to the last ice cube?
Then there's the effect of "It's mine and I'm,
not sharing it with anybody -- go away."

    "Gin? Heck, I hate gin. Wait a minute, I might
    be wrong..."  Sabra Cooper, 2000
Did I mention the "My name is, ah, honey --
what do you call me?" condition?
But alas, the worst effect -- the
"Brother, can you spare a sip" condition.

    Terrible, just plain shameful!

    Could we have a prayer? -- P-r-a-i-s-e  
    the Lord!