The Compound
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"The compound.  Standing there day by day, alone and strong against the wind, it offers
protection from the blazing sun and occasional rain cloud.  It makes a home for those who seek
the pleasures of the beach.  It offers a sense of belonging -- it makes all feel protected and a
part of the family."
Mike Bailey, 1985
Compound 2007 -- nice and
quiet and we still have good
Compound 2006 -- needed walkie talkies to say "hey" to the other end!
Still 2006  -- All set up on the
new sand they pumped in.
Nice and clean before all the
rest of the "household" shows
up.  Notice the "Queen"
practicing the wave -- being
taught by Lady Wilby no less.
Is this a bunch of happy campers or what?  NO doubt
that the gin bucket is in there somewhere.
Sometimes, the compound is
a nice place to hang out in
and read a good book.
I know it's very deceiving,
but Mr. Stress-Free (a.k.a.
Martyn) is sound asleep.
See what I mean about making
you feel right at home? Now we
know where the gin bucket is....
"Close the gates -- tide is coming in!"