Time Travel
by Mike Bailey
A beginner's guide to hassle free
I warmly dedicate these thoughts on time travel to all those fellow travellers I have already
encountered on my many adventuress and to those who might cross my path in the future.
Every now and then, moments in life stand still. We can slip through time and space and go to
places of security and peace.

This helps us fight back when stress and challenges to our very being are present. We need ways
to hold back the oncoming tide of feelings that can grip us with loneliness, fear, frustration, or a
sense of abandonment by all that we cherish.

Contrary to popular opinion and scientific criticism that it is hard, if not outright impossible,
to engage this amazing ability, time travel can be achieved quite easily. The mind-boggling
reward awaits!  

The journey -- and the destination -- is always under our total control. It can be altered at any
time without fear of reprisals or other complications that could interfere with our goal to seek a
safe and secure place to regroup and to regain our sense of well being.

I should point out that often, the journey back through time can also be solely for our own
personal relaxation and the selfish desire to revisit a warm and friendly environment. Keep in
mind that the environment I speak of can not only be a pure physical place -- like a beautiful
beach on a warm, sunny day -- but a personal environment, that is, in the warn, loving embrace of
a person.

There are no real time limits established for our trips, nor are there restrictions on the number
of times that we might travel to a particular place. These two factors alone contribute a
significant degree of stability and quality assurance to our trips for we know ahead of time that
the length of our visits, and even where we go, are at the total discretion (control) of our whims
and not by a clock or rules posted on a nearby wall.

One neat thing that I have always enjoyed about my trips is the ability to visit multiple places on
a single trip. The general perception is that travels back through space and time were only to some
“keyed in or dialed in” destination and once they were established, the traveler was locked in, so
to speak, and had no choice but to go there and then come back to the “launch site.” I say come
back to launch site but that was only if he was lucky and suffered no calamities along his journey
like getting eaten by a dinosaur or dying on a steamship after it struck an iceberg, etc.

An analogy of this would be say you bought a roundtrip bus ticket from Miami to Atlanta and once
you were underway, you decide you would also like to see Dallas. Unfortunately, you must stick
with the original itinerary (controlled by the single bus ticket) to and from Atlanta before you
could visit Dallas.

Lucky for us, however, the way I have learned to travel has no such restrictions and at any time or
place along the journey, the current destination can be skipped and a new desired destination can
be yours in the blink of an eye.

All manner of destinations are possible as well as the reasons for them. As I said earlier -- you,
we -- are in total control and, therefore, we travel at our own will.

So sit back and enjoy your journeys for they are for your sanity and enjoyment only. Oh, that does
not mean that you will not meet others on your travels – far from it -- for that is generally one of
the prime motivators for a trip, that is, to see someone in particular.

Your visit with them at the destination chosen can be just the thing that you are seeking or need
to help you cope with some event currently enveloping you back at the launch point. The key here
is what you have with you on your return trip back to your launch point.

You may have traveled to a friendly place that allowed you to sort of regroup, clear your mind,
and formulate a plan to resolve the issues at hand that prompted your journey. Your journey back
home will have you carrying this newfound energy and plan so that once home, you can tackle the
monster that is/was the source of your misgivings, etc.

Sometimes, when on what I call pure pleasure excursions, I bring back with me a new lease on life
type of feeling. This feeling warms me all over and validates my initial like and desires not only
for the places I visit but those occasions when there was a person involved with those location
as well.

Oh, the method of time travel -- I almost forgot to tell you what it is and how to use/engage it.
Memories -- pure, simple memories that we all have -- make up our time machine

With them, we can go back effortlessly through time and space and revisit anything, any place, or
anyone from the past. One of the great optional attributes about memories as our time traveling
machine is that we can change them.

A memory is a complex recorded experience with full sound, color, and live action. That memory
can be played (visited via our time machine) exactly as recorded -- over and over again. However,
that same memory script, just as a Hollywood movie script, can be edited in your mind and
replayed with the script changes incorporated.

For example, that long walk on a lonely but beautiful beach all by yourself could be altered to
include anyone of your choosing. This editing of memories is actually your mind’s amazing ability
to create vivid new memories -- all from scratch, all made up -- just bits and pieces borrowed
from dozens of other real memories. Not only can you do that, but you can keep the new memory
and remember it as many times as you desire in the future.

Realize also that you can go forward in time -- with created memories or as some people call them,
visions of the future. In your mind, you can create/visualize an entire scene that can come about
almost exactly as you have seen it. Think of a chess player, or a general planning a battle strategy.
In their minds, they have traveled into the future and seen all the ways an event could take place
and having seen all the options, picked the one that best fulfilled their objective.

Our visions of the future, or just being prepared as some would call it, can enable us to be in
control of situations and prevent us from being harmed mentally and/or physically. This
preparedness can work wonders in helping us reduce the stress or uncertainties in our daily lives.    

With all this in mind, I hope you enjoy your future trips through time. As you travel along old
familiar paths or zoom along on new ones, realize that all the images and places you see and visit
are the building blocks of who you are today and who you will be tomorrow.

Collectively, they give meaning and purpose to your life.
. . . The End . . .
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